08 September 2015

Expats Everywhere

You want to move abroad, teach English, travel! You've done the research and let your thoughts ramble and run. You're ready. Almost... What you'd really like to do before you make that final decision is have a no bullshit conversation with people who have already made the leap. Now you can.

Introducing: Expats Everywhere

  • Watch video testimonials about what it's like to live and teach in interesting locations around the world
  • Set up a Skype chat with expats who can help answer your toughest or tiniest questions
  • Join a unique community that helps bridge this generation of expats with the next

FYI... this is not my website. Good friends of mine put in a lot of hardwork to make it happen. And I happen to believe in the project. That said, if you scour the site closely you'll discover an MB Abroad cameo.