07 December 2013

Better than Killing Flies

 Boredom got the best of me today. I decided to go to the mall because mall cruising is the height of entertainment in Hofuf. There are other things to do of course; camel tipping, collecting mosquito bites by the pool, killing flies with Windex (bonus points for shooting them down midair). But, the mall is the thing. I left the compound at 3pm, at 3:02 I remembered that the mall doesn't open until 4pm on Fridays (Holy Day). It was too late to turn back so I went the long way and took pictures. Here is what I saw:
That's my apartment building on the left

It's Dec and still warm enough to hangout by the pool, so that's nice

Corner store. Zam Zam means Holy Water. They don't sell that, but they do have delicious flat bread for 1 SAR

I would love to visit both, but the Holy Cities are forbidden for non-Muslims

I don't know what Al-Hannus is, but it's epic here

The round about of death
Garbage is a bit of an issue here

There it is, rising in the distance--Al-Othaim Mall

YES!! *Note: I arrived at 4pm just as the doors opened. Unfortunately the mall closed again at 4:25 for prayers.