08 October 2011


In my last blog Rapid Fire I mentioned that I always forget my camera.  I am going to try to remedy that this go around.  I will do my best to post a picture-of-the-day every day.

Picture #1 - Bangkok

I could post a picture of the Grand Palace or the Reclining Buddha or some other cultural type thing.  But, let's be honest - that isn't what Bangkok is all about.  It's about getting so wasted that you fall asleep outside and some asshole like me comes along and takes your picture.

Picture #2 - Bangkok

This is a boring picture.  If I was three seconds quicker with the camera it would have been awesome.  I was drinking coffee in the middle of the afternoon wondering if the rain was ever going to stop and right there, next to the yellow sign board, a butt ass naked Thai lady walked past.  She wasn't even wearing shoes.  Naked naked naked.  And she didn't seem to think that was odd.  She held her chin high and did a bushy strut right through the rain.

Sorry I wasn't quick enough to get a picture.  However, there is a consolation prize.  Take a look at the ginger in the corner.  Look familiar?  He's alive!!

(Apologies to those of you who typed "naked thai ladies" into Google and ended up on this site.  I know it isn't what you were looking for.)

Picture #3 (and 4 ) - Bangkok

Bangkok nights.  At the end of this one I left my wallet in a taxi.  I could go back to Surat and end my vacation early, but that would suck, so instead I am borrowing money from my roommates to get through the tripWinning at life.  Winning big. 

Picture #5 - Pattaya

We stayed for one night.  It rained.  There was neon.  I spent a lot of Blake's money.  Not worth taking a picture.

Picture #6 - Koh Samet

We stayed here for a couple of days.  It was okay.  I've seen better beaches.  And there were more mosquitos than pretty girls.

Picture #7 - Surat Thani

This is a picture of my house.  Thanks to the wallet incident I had to come back early.  I could go to one of the near by islands, but I think I will stay home.  That sounds boring, I know.  But, I want to work on my book and with no one else home I don't have any distractions.  If I buckle down this week I think I can get to the half-way mark of the book (125 pages) before classes start.