11 August 2011

There is nothing wrong with being short

I started a big writing project. I’ll give you a hint…it’s a book. It might suck. I might lose inspiration and never finish. I might get published and become super famous. Who knows?

MB Abroad has been neglected since I started the project a few weeks ago. For the foreseeable future I won’t have time to write my standard 2000 word tales of whatever it is that I’m doing, so a compromise is in order. My entries will have to be shorter. A lot shorter.

I am no better at shortening my typing than I am at shutting my mouth. But, here goes. MB Abroad in brief:

Swimming with Fusiliers
I went Scuba Diving in Kao Tao recently. For ninety minutes it was good. For one minute it was exceptional.

Towards the end of my first dive I followed the Dive Guide through a canyon of coral covered boulders. We emerged into an open area. The sea floor was white and mostly barren. Seemingly out of nowhere a school of Fusiliers glided in front of us. A Fusilier is a small (6-8in) fish with orange and silver stripes. The school was 60 feet long, 15 feet high and 10 feet wide. We swam into the middle of the school. They calmly let us. We were enveloped. Every direction I looked, above, below, side-to-side Fusiliers surrounded us in a perfect circle. We swam out and watched them slowly fill in the hole we had left. We surfaced a few minutes later. Usually the Dive Guide goes through safety checks and gives directions for getting back on the boat. Not this guide. He was too stoked. He pulled his mask off and excitedly said, “How mental was that mate!”

Scaling the Dat Fa waterfall
Last weekend we drove out to the Dat Fa waterfall about 40 minutes outside of Surat Thani. The falls are hidden out in the jungle. They are multi-tiered and beautiful. The first level was crowded so we hiked higher up the falls. The upper levels were empty. We found a small rock to jump off which naturally made us want to find bigger rocks to jump off. The girls stayed behind and the boys started climbing. We scaled the wet face of falls, crawled through under-growth and stinging nettles and scaled the side of a cliff face using a hanging vine as a rope. At the end of our trek we found the perfect jungle swimming hole.

I’m not going to lie. I had several Danny Glover “I’m getting too old for this shit” moments on the way up. But, the top was worth it. We swam in the cool deep waters. We scaled to the highest point we could and plunged in. And then did it again and again. It was a hell of a Sunday adventure.

And the best part…before we started back down we found a hidden trail that made going down a whole lot easier.

Even if there was a map I wouldn’t make you a copy
Friday is the start of a three day weekend. It’s Mothers Day in Thailand. Or “Wan Maa” as the Thai’s would say. I’m going to a secret beach on Koh Phangan Island. It is one of my favorite places in Thailand. It has 300 baht bungalows on the sand, good cheap food and an amazing relaxed atmosphere. If you visit I will take you there, but only if you swear never to speak of its awesomeness. It is that good.

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